Cosmetic / Essential Oils / Aromatherapy

We can produce these labels in many different finishes, from one colour to multi-colour, even including metallic silver or gold print. We use various base materials, depending on the container that the labels are being applied to, including a clear material, which allows the colour of the product to show through as the background colour.

As requirements vary so much in today’s’ markets, we can manufacture labels from very short runs to millions, using different technologies to offer the best possible quality and price, with fast delivery.

Labels are supplied either with a gloss or matt varnish, or a clear over laminate (clear film) to give a Matt or High Gloss finish.

The facility to over laminate with a clear film is particularly useful when labels are to be used for products like aromatherapy oils, etc. where, if the product spills from the container, it will fully protect the print, so that it remains readable for the life of the product.

This also applies to shampoo, shower products, creams and other related products.

Labels are supplied on a roll which makes them suitable for hand or automatic application.