Asset “VOID” Tamper Evident

We can also offer various other types of tamper evident labels, which we can supply with your company details, barcode and consecutive numbers at no extra cost, such as our “VOID” labels. If there is an attempt to remove the label, then the word “VOID” appears permanently within the label, also leaving a residue on the surface, however the tamper evidence stays within the label permanently and cannot be re-used.

Application: Ideal where extra security is required.

We also offer an additional material that shows the word “VOID”, which we can supply with your company details, consecutive numbering and barcodes at no additional cost. If the label is attempted to be removed it does not leave any residue on the item that it has been applied to, ideal for applications such as being applied to safes, cash boxes, confidential files, door seals, secure areas etc., where a secure label needs to be repeatedly applied.

Once the word “VOID” appears in the label, it is permanent and cannot re-used.

We can also offer many other security labels and seals.

Please contact us with your requirements so that we can offer a solution to all your security marking issues.

For total peace of mind, all barcodes are verified before despatch, via our internal verification system, using the latest technology to ensure accuracy and recognition.

All Barcodes and Consecutive numbers are then logged to eliminate any repeat and to give total security to your products. This also makes re-ordering easy, as we can tell you the last number or batch we supplied.

Labels are supplied on a roll for ease of application and security.